• To satisfy various needs of consumers, Mando offers fast-moving maintenance parts with premium quality to maintain the vehicle in optimal condition by providing a wide range of selections.
  • Water Pump is a method that uses coolant in connection with the Indirect Cooling System.
    Driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine circulating fluid whenever the engine is running
  • Available in Air/Oil / Cabin / Fuel Filters
    Cabin / Air Filter provide reliable protection against dust, pollen, spores, soot, and tire abrasion
    Oil Filter is a filtration device that removes dirt in liquid fuel or lubricants.
  • 100% Synthetic Motor Oil
    Automatic Transmission Fluid
    Refrigerants ( R-134a )
  • Offer Timing Belts and V-Belts
    Used as essential parts to transfer power of all machines and equipment
    Competitive price for OE quality
  • Sends the fuel inside the fuel tank to the engine by pressure
    Measures and transmits the amount of fuel inside the fuel tank to the cluster
    Has a fuel warning indication
  • Available in Flat Blade / Conventional Blade / Winter Blade / IT series
    Flat Blade gives exceptional visibility and an accurate fit over the curvature of the windshield
    Conventional Blade is known for using the latest developed wiper technology and the material composition provides optimal performance and durability
  • Fills the space between two or more mating
    surfaces generally to prevent leakage from
    or into the joined objects while under compression
    Gaskets allow "less-than-perfect" mating
    surfaces on machine parts where they can
    fill irregularities.